Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New Island Emerges Off Gwadar Coast After Earth quake in Pakistan

First Video From NEW ISLAND Created By 7.8 Earthquake In PAKISTAN - FULL VIDEO!!

Raw: Island Appears After Pakistan Earthquake

"Apocalyptic Island" Prophesied At Harvest Army Church

Syria News 25.9.2013, Lavrov: Talks with Kerry are constructive, Rohani: no military solution

Rouhani: Holocaust "condemnable" but crimes against Jews should not justify occupation

The operation to encircle the rebels in Dzhobare completed

Lebanon being dragged into Syrian conflict: Hezbollah welcomes Lebanese army patrols in Beirut

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani Slams U.S. & Israel In Speech To The U.N. General Assembly

Syrian army pushing to force militants out of strategic Jabor town near Damascus

FSA-Fighters Firing a Bullet-rain!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Syrian minister : Iran and Russia will react militarily if Syria is attacked

Jantung pisang bercabang enam

Men of Honor, men of Syria the Syrian Arab Armed Forces

ayam tampa kepala santai santai saja

tanpa kepala! tapi santai santai aja,nampaknya belum ajal kali.

Iran parades missiles capable of hitting Israel as Rouhani stresses Iran's right to enrich uranium

Video: Iran parades missiles with range of up to 2,000 km

There is 'grave concern' Al-Shabaab will attack...

Monday, September 23, 2013

Palestinian Sniper Kills 2 Israeli Soldiers

Iran President Hassan Rouhani to attend UN General Assembly on Tuesday

FSA hit in the butt during combat

Pakistan and Kenya attacks Christians 120 Dead And 300 Wounded

Iran Military Parade during Sacred Defence Week (2013)

Part 2: Iran Military Parade during Sacred Defence Week (2013)

Military Hardware during Sacred Defence Week (2013)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The radar behind the detection of US-Israel missile test

Turkey shoots down a Syrian helicopter

Footage after Turkey shot down Syrian helicopter and killing its pilots

Footage of Helicopter Crashing at Syrian Border

FSA fighter shot and killed

Iranian Pres Rouhani: West seeks to boost Israel in Middle East

Raw: Turkey Says It Shot Down Syrian Helicopter

Video of full speech of Hassan Rohani for Revolutionary Guard commanders

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Modern Russian Weapons, Army, Navy, Air Force (2013 onwards).

New Modern Russian Navy 2013

SS-N-26 Onyx Yakhont P-800 - Super Sunburn Missile - Amazing Footage

FSA Rebels Heavy Firefights In Different Locations In Syria

FSA Rebels Heavy Firefights In Different Locations In Syria

Iran ,N Korea ,Hezbollah Watching for Weakness) ! low

Syria talks highlight diplomatic tensions between US, Russia

Iranian Warriors: Volunteer In Defending Syria From Terrorists

Dua Dunia - Kutukan Rambut Gimbal [Full Video] 13 Sept 2013

Friday, September 13, 2013

Syria / Al Qaeda Threats / Russia Fire 37 Dead / India Gang Rape

Hezbollah's Mastermind: Commander Hajj Emad Moughni (English Subtitles)

Masih Dunia Lain 12 September 2013 - Nenek Bongkok Penjaga Rumah Cina Tua

Russia Preparing For WW3 Around Syrian Shore, Holding the Largest Naval Exercise 2013 Syria war

Huge Russian Navy Exercise In The Mediterranean Attack Syria

Syria military build-up: Russian warship heads towards Syrian waters as NATO jets take off in Turkey

Frontline: Dramatic report as Syria Army battles jihadists in ancient Christian village

Monday, September 9, 2013

Syrian Village Rebels (Muslim Radicals) Force Christians Convert

Syrian Village Rebels (Muslim Radicals) Force Christians Convert

Syrian Village Rebels (Muslim Radicals) Force Christians Convert

Assad "Retaliation Against USA If America Strikes" Syria

BREAKING: Philippines City Attacked 220 Civilians Hostages

US could find itself at war with Russia over Syria: Mark Glenn

The World Is A Scary Place: Crazy Footage Of Syrian Resistance Fighters Getting Vaporized! #

Iran's FM slams US and its allies for their push for a military strike on Syria

18 Syria - Assad Loses Train Station Army Post to Advancing Fighters

FSA militants and their cameraman eliminated by SAA

Group of FSA fighters hit by SAA +slowmotion

Press TV's exclusive from christian village besieged by takfiris

Sept 7 Obama, Syria, Iran, Putin, Now Bomber Air Strikes Coming

Russia Vows To Stand With Syria Against USA / REBELS Carried Out Attack Says US Intelligence.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Syrian naval forces

Syrian Navy

Prophecy Update September 7, 2013: Will US Strike Syria? If So Russia, Iran To Retaliate

What intl law? 'Syria strike possibility tramples regulations'

Obama Administration = Pathetic, Deplorable, Immature And Juvenile. (SYRIA, RUSSIA UPDATE)

UFO Sightings Syria Chemical Attack & Russian Covers Ups? Special Report Sep 7, 2013

Russia sends secret cargo ship to Syria: Kremlin dispatches another warship to Syrian war zone

SYRIA: McCain Guarantees Russia, China and Iran Will Not Act

Dua Dunia - Perempatan Palbapang [Full Video] 6 Sept 2013

kelimah allah terbentuk dari awan! dilangit

kelimah allah terbentuk dari awan! terekam di berunei pada 7.9.2013,kawasan mentiri

U.S. ready for Syrian counterattack

Iran mass production of missiles to defend Syria from USA & Israel attacks

Iran Military 2013 | We stay behind Syria

US strike on Syria may lead to regional war: Hisham Jaber

Arabs Countries Ready to PAY $Billions For the US Military Strike On Syria

Intercept Between HEZBOLLAH And IRAN Assures Assad Behind Chemical Attack. (Syria)

Showdown With Syria - Putin : Russia Will Give Syria Missile Shield If U.S. Attacks

World War 3 - Syrian Strike could be Significantly Larger than most Anticipated Sept 06, 2013

Moscow says it will help Syria in case of any military attack

What are the strategies the U.S. could use to strike Syria?

U.S. ships, soldiers, embassies at risk if Syria strikes?

Friday, September 6, 2013

BREAKING: USA Sends B-2 & B-52 Bombers / Lebanon Embassy


BREAKING! China Sends Wasrships to Coast of Syria

Iran's Navy strong part of country's military

Russian arms sales to Syria OK under intl law' - Putin's spokesperson

Russia "Nuke Disaster" If America Strikes Syria

Syria News 5.9.2013, China: Military action on Syria would have negative impacts on global economy

Presidents Obama and Putin face off as Putin calls Kerry a Liar - G20 Summit - Sept 05, 2013

Obama rallying support at the G-20

Who is the U.S. supporting in Syria?

Does execution video prove Syrian rebels to be extremists?

Obama Reiterates "War is Peace" Before G20

Masih Dunia Lain 5 September 2013

France and Turkey join the U.S. in effort against Syria

FULL VIDEO Dua Dunia 4 September 2013 - Hantu Rumah Tua

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Syria War 2013 - Free Syrian Soldiers Face Blown Off! (Warning Graphic War Footage 18+)

Obama - Statement to Congress on his plan for the Middle East RAW UNEDIT Sep 03, 2013

Iran Air Defence Military Hardware 2013

ww3 - OBAMA DECIDED - Iran will strike Israel - deploys Iron Dome - reserves ready all out war

New Supplied Russian Pantsir-S1 Anti-Air Missile To Syria

Syria military attack prelude to war on Iran: Alex Jones

Why Are Syrian Chemical Weapons Worse Than Conventional Attacks?

Breaking: Obama Orders Secret Nuke Transfer!

Putin says he could support strike on Syria given "o...

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Complete News - "Syria received 1st batch of S-300 missiles from Russia"

PUTIN SAYS Russia has just sent ADVANCED S-300 air defence missile components to syria

Syria aggressors to get caught in quagmire: Iran cmdr

Syria: Assad threatens France with retaliation if it attacks Syrian forces

Kerry: Russia's Syrian Involvement is "Transactional"

The Syrian War What You're Not Being Told

Iran Unveils Air Defense Communications System

AP Interview: Putin Warns West on Syria Action

Putin: Only UNSC can sanction military action against Syria govt

With Eye on Syria, Israel Tests Missiles With US

Sen Rand Paul "If The U.S. Attacks Syria... It Will Be MORE Likely That Assad WILL Attack Israel

What a U.S. strike on Syria could accomplish

The Syria Army Making Headways In Damascus Countryside, Syria

Israel successfully conducted a joint missile test in the Mediterranean Sea

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Russia detects ballistic `objects` fired toward east Mediterranean

FSA Fighter Hit By SAA Sniper in The Face

War News - Russia sending more Warships into the Eastern Mediterranian Sept 02, 2013

BREAKING! U.S. And Israel Do Joint Missile Test Triggering Syrian Strike Alarm Defense Systems

Iran, Russia Want Syria To Give Chemical Weapons To Iran

Russian Report: Missiles Land In Mediterranean

CrossTalk: Syrian Domino

If Hezbollah Was Defeated | Ep 4. ENGLISH Documentary 2013

World War 3 - Obama moves the U.S.S. Niimitz and 4 more Warships into the Red Sea (Sept 02, 2013)

CNN War Games Potential Obama Missile Strike Targets In Syria

Pentagon: Syria can't hide key targets

Russia watching Syria's back

Syria: SAA Shell Explodes Very Close to 2 FSA Fighters

US Failed in A Desperate Drive to Unite Its Allies Against Syria

"Did You Use Chemical Weapons? NO! ABSOLUTELY NOT! WMDs Were Used By Groups Supported By The US"