Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Battleship Operations | USS Iowa | Korean War (1952, 720P)

Destroyer Warfare On The High Seas

Dead Bankers / Ukraine / North Korea / Hezbollah / Israel

North Korea's arsenal by the numbers

Video: US deploys troops to Estonia

Putin Says Washington Behind Ukraine Events All Along, Flying Low Under ...

Pentagon destroying $1 billion of usable ammunition

Dua Dunia - Pesugihan Batu Joko Slening [Full Video] 29 April 2014

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Russia: Soldiers parade in St Petersburg Victory Day rehearsal

Violent clashes in Donetsk Ukraine.

BREAKING: Obama Announces Hard Sanctions On Russia

BREAKING: Obama Announces Hard Sanctions On Russia

Sanctions Round 3: Fresh batch targets Russian politics, energy & aviati...

Syrian Rebels killed by Syrian arab army in heavy battle on the mountain

Сводка о событиях в Сирии за 28 апреля 2014 года

Russia targeted with more US sanctions

Syria - Plane Shot Down By The FSA

Monday, April 28, 2014

IRAN's Army new achivement's

US and Gulf States Plan Missile Defense System to Counter Iran

THE EMPERIAL STATE OF IRAN Military National Army Day 2014

Procession of Hezbollah in Syria shows part of a military capacity.

Ополченцы взяли в плен трех офицеров «Альфы»

Russia is preparing for war

First Video Evidence of Russians Among Ukrainian Separatists: Russian Ro...

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ukraine - Pro Russian armored column entering kramatorsk, Donetsk area 1...

Ukraine Crisis: Armed pro Russian militia storm Slaviansk and seize Done...

ukraine military forces firing warning shots at peaceful people

Moment when islamic front terrorists convoy attacked by Syrian army plane + slowmotion

Tense Situation at Kramatorsk Roadblock

Kamov Ka-52 Low Pass

Russian separatists capture Ukrainian armored troop carriers as East Ukr...

Armoured vehicles with Russian flags in east Ukraine

Kyiv accuses Russia of exporting terrorism as separatists seize APC's fr...

Ukrainian troops face militants in the east

Dua Dunia Eps Rabu, 16 April 2014 Raih Kamulyan di Pancuran Daris

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Dua Dunia Eps Selasa, 15 April 2014 Misteri Danau Pinang Dalam Full

Военную техникув Краматорске взяли в плен "зеленые человечки" Thousands of people (terorist) have stopped gangs (troops) Kiev junta in Sloviansk.

Бронетехніка з російськими прапорами їде по Краматорську ukrainian army take side with people of donbass

Switching Sides: Ukrainian armored unit joins anti-govt protesters in east

Ukraine: Crowds cheer military personnel in Kramatorsk

Донецкий дрифт: ополченцы сделали «восьмерку» на БМД Donetsk Drift - Ukraine's pro-Russian rebels show off captured IFVs

Ukraine presidential candidates attacked in Kiev

Blood Moon Over The Hawaiian Islands... Different Perspective Than The Mainland Had

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Total Lunar Eclipse, Blood Moon - Cameras Ready, Eyes to the Sky

Новое. Дьяковский перекрёсток-первые трофеи. 13.04.2014. (Другая камера)

Славянск под защитой зелёных человечков

US and French military ships transit Turkey's straits

Iraqi Army Raw Fottage of Dead Terrorists from the Battefield 14/4/14

UKRAINE WAR: CIA Launches Pre-emptive Attack to Destabilize Russia

Russia warns of civil war

Ukraine: Slavyansk still under pro-Russian control

Arming Ukraine: US mulling military aid to govt forces

Russian Fighter Jet Buzzes U.S. Navy Destroyer A DOZEN TIMES In The Blac...

Monday, April 14, 2014

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Restless East: Donetsk, Lugansk brace for trouble as Kiev's ultimatum ex...

Putin to EU: Pastries on Maidan not enough to save Ukraine's economy

Battle for Ukraine: US and French warships enter the Black Sea

In this game Russian gas beats your paper!

Putin pledges to fulfill European gas obligations

Hillary Clinton Joins George Bush In The Flying Shoe Club

Фланговый удар - 8.1 Огонь! Огонь! | Flank strike 8.1 Fire! Fire!

Thick tree trunk plunged into driver's body

Masih Dunia Lain (LIVE) - 11 Apr 2014 - Misteri Kerajaan Gaib di Gedung Tua

Friday, April 11, 2014

Russia ready to use military intervention to defend Iran and Syria from ...

Russia ready to use military intervention to defend Iran and Syria from ...

over 1000 Indonesian Guys join to ISIL and fight in Indonesia against En...

many fighters of Jabhat al Nusra died in the fierce battle Rankus in Al ...

Hezbollah + Syrian army clashes with FSA Islam Brigade

Putin Warns Europe Of Gas / Israel Targets Iran New Spy Satellite

Syria News 10/4/2014, Army continues its national duty in eliminating te...

Hezbollah and Syrian army ambushed and killed over 20 Syrian Rebels in D...

Pro-Russian separatists reject Kiev's amnesty

Pro-Russian separatists reject Kiev's amnesty

FULL VIDEO: ISIS fighters captured many iraqi soldiers and want to execu...

US destroyer Donald Cook enters Black Sea amid Ukraine tension

CrossTalk: Broken Ukraine

Misteri Makhluk Merah di Bekas Pabrik Teh - [Masih] Dunia Lain LIVE 10 A...

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

"Ukraine Pushes Back" Arresting Pro Russian Protestors

Ukrainian police retake Kharkiv regional administration from Kremlin-bac...

NATO warns Russia against 'historic mistake' in Ukraine

Donetsk separatists remain defiant

Inside Story - Is Russia planning to destabilise Ukraine?

Pakistan and Islamic Republic joint war game in Persian Gulf

"Head Of NATO Warns Russia It Would Be A Historic Mistake To Intervene M...

Dua Dunia 8 April 2014 - Candi Muara Takus - Dua Dunia Terbaru 2014

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Kharkiv declares independence from Kiev after Donetsk's separation


Why do the Saudis Want the US to Attack Iran? (4/5)

Activists declare independent Donetsk republic, seize local govt building

Battle for Ukraine: Protesters took over the building last night

Pro-Russian protesters storm gov't buildings in Ukraine

Protest In Ukraine: "Russia Aimed Bringing In Troops"

Prophecy Alert: Iran Joins Pakistan "Strait Of Hormuz" Drill

Unrest in Donetsk: pro-Russian protesters call for referendum as Ukraine...

FSA convoys clashes with Syrian army in Area 45 in lattakia

US secretly sending anti-tank weapons to Syrian rebels - reports

Hezbollah leader claims attack on IDF

ISIL fighters execute 3 FSA Luwaa al Tawheed by Headshots caught on camera

Monday, April 7, 2014

Syria - The Bombing Of Daraa (Baynetna 2014)

Pro-Russian activists occupy govt buildings in eastern Ukraine

Syrian arab army planning the new battle and prepare tanks

Compilation how Syrian arab army fighting Syrian Rebels in whole syria

Pyongyang's new nuke test type could be simultaneous detonation: 38 North

Battle for Ukraine: Separatists storm government buildings in eastern pr...

ANGKER BANGET 5 April 2014 - Cerita Seram CADAS PANGERAN

Jejak Paranormal Ki Prana Lewu Terbaru - Misteri Rumah Sakit Jiwa Bogor ...

Jejak Paranormal Ki Prana Lewu Terbaru - Asrama Kuntilanak - 5 April 2014

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Syria: ISIS Technical Pick-Up and Its Crews Vaporized by Al-Nusra Shell (terrorist infighting)


Ukraine facing Russian invasion threat: EU foreign ministers meet to add...

Iranian warships arrived in Musqat to exercize rescue drill with Oman in...

Ukraine troops dig in at border in staredown with Russia

area in daraa is complete destroyed by Syrian warplanes and barrels

Battle for Ukraine: Europe mulls further response to Putin aggression

Friday, April 4, 2014

MiG Strike hits Douma

ANNA: Flank strike. 6. Planning [subtitles embedded]

China shows 3rd generation jet fighters in live-fire air drill

Apocalyptic Prophecies By Islam "Drives Syria Battles"

Leaked: Iraqi soldier shot like rambo and get direct hit by Iraqi Rebels

Tsunami waves hit Chile after earthquake

Israel under attack: Gaza militants launch three rockets at southern Israel

NATO military might: Russia accuses NATO of violating its agreement

Masih Dunia Lain LIVE 3 April 2014

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Chile hit by M7.8 aftershock Wednesday

Ukrainian civilians show support for the troops

ISIL Execute Awakening-Members With Silencers.

Chile Earthquake 7.8 - Round Two

HD view of Konkurs ATGM attack on T-72

Air defense systems in Chinese arsenal

Russia: Artillery drills underway in Volgograd

Iran to build commercial aircraft

Area 45 Compilation: Chechnyan + Syrian Rebels vs Syrian Army + Hezbolla...

WW3: Kim Jong-un Vows to Crush U.S. Aggression with North Korean Military

Syrian warplane vs FSA anti aircraft in Murek

By the numbers: Russia's military might

Minor tsunami waves hit Japan after Chile quake

Taliban Firing RPGs at US Base Caught on Security Cam


'US loan will open Ukraine to final rape & plunder from West'

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

"Chile Quake 8.2 A Harbinger Of Things To Come"

hundreds of Fighters of Sham al Islam and Chechnyan Rebels in Area 45

Chile Earthquake: 8.3 magnitude earthquake leaves at least 5 dead in Nor...

Chile was in 8.2 richter earthquake buildings shook violently

NATO suspends cooperation with Kremlin and plans to bolster forces in Ea...

Amazing firefight between Jabhat al Nusra and syrian arab army on the fr...

Deadly Earthquake Strikes Chile: Five dead as magnitude 8.2 tremor spark...

Dua Dunia Eps Selasa 1 April 2014 Legenda Sungai Siak Full

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

North Korea Brink Of War Hit With 5.0 Earthquake

al-Nusra Fighters Attack SAA Checkpoint in Hama

SAA (Metal Charcoal) BMP Burning Near the Air Force Intelligence in Layramoon, Aleppo

War Propaganda in Nuclear Agreement with Iran?

Syria - Mig Targets The FSA

Russian troops withdraw: Infantry battalion retreat from Ukrainian borde...

North and South Korea exchange artillery fires on NLL