Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New Island Emerges Off Gwadar Coast After Earth quake in Pakistan

First Video From NEW ISLAND Created By 7.8 Earthquake In PAKISTAN - FULL VIDEO!!

Raw: Island Appears After Pakistan Earthquake

"Apocalyptic Island" Prophesied At Harvest Army Church

Syria News 25.9.2013, Lavrov: Talks with Kerry are constructive, Rohani: no military solution

Rouhani: Holocaust "condemnable" but crimes against Jews should not justify occupation

The operation to encircle the rebels in Dzhobare completed

Lebanon being dragged into Syrian conflict: Hezbollah welcomes Lebanese army patrols in Beirut

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani Slams U.S. & Israel In Speech To The U.N. General Assembly

Syrian army pushing to force militants out of strategic Jabor town near Damascus

FSA-Fighters Firing a Bullet-rain!