Saturday, March 1, 2014

Ukrainians in disbelief as Yanukovych speaks from Russia


Ukrainian airspace shut down amid crisis

Obama Warns Russia of 'Costs' in Ukraine

What 'costs' could Russia face?

McCain: Russia could take over Ukraine

White House Says They Will Not Attend G8 Summit In Russia If Russian Tro...

Russians Take Over Crimea - UKRAINE Prediction

Russian Forces Occupy Crimea, Ukraine

Breaking News UFO Sightings Alien Grey In Huge Fying Saucer Amazing Footage!

Masih Dunia Lain (LIVE) - 28 Feb 2014 - Rumah Tempat Para Siluman

New SAA ambush against 20 terrorists in East Ghouta similar to Otaibah ambush

The Syrian Arab Army has carried out another successful ambush against Armed Terrorists attempting to sneak on a road between Eastern Ghouta and the Qalamoun, resulting in the deaths of 20 Terrorists and wounding a number of others ...
This happened 2 days after the killing of 170 al nusra fighter in another ambush in the same area.

Syrian Troops have ambushed and killed another 20 militants in Ghouta

Syrian government forces have ambushed and killed another 20 militants in Ghouta, south of the capital Damascus. 

The latest offensive comes after scores of insurgents were killed by the Syrian military in the same area on Wednesay. Most of the fatalities belonged to the al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front, and were of Saudi, Qatari and Chechen origins. Meanwhile, terrorists affiliated to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant or the I-S-I-L, have reportedly pulled out of the Syrian town of Azaz near the Turkish border. The I-S-I-L took control of the city from rival militants late last year.

Armed Personnel @ Simferopol Airport

Armed russian special forces patrol Ukrainian streets

Armed Russian special forces blocked Simferopol airport. This video displays them patroling streets around airport. As for today, 2/28/2014 the airport is closed.

Russians Special Forces in Crimea 2-27-14

Terrorists blown away by missile

From 2008, Iraq, a sqdn has info on a planned usa convoy attack,they got the job of sending them to hell? paradise?, i don't know ..this is what happened

Crimea: No science fiction, no action movie. This is how a Russian airborne invasion looks like

Russian combat helicopters have crossed the border of Ukraine and executed some mission in the Crimea. We can count a dozen of Mi-24 in the video, which is a lot of firepower. Also, each Mi-24 can fit up to 8 soldiers, so in this case we could assume that each could carry at least 4 heavily armed soldiers and their gear, for a total of 48 combatants. But since there is no shortage of local manpower, maybe they were flying as fire support for another unit, probably those who seized the airports today.
Or maybe i am wrong and those helis are not Mi-24, but Mi-28 havocs far more dangerous than MI 24s.
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