Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Syrian naval forces

Syrian Navy

Prophecy Update September 7, 2013: Will US Strike Syria? If So Russia, Iran To Retaliate

What intl law? 'Syria strike possibility tramples regulations'

Obama Administration = Pathetic, Deplorable, Immature And Juvenile. (SYRIA, RUSSIA UPDATE)

UFO Sightings Syria Chemical Attack & Russian Covers Ups? Special Report Sep 7, 2013

Russia sends secret cargo ship to Syria: Kremlin dispatches another warship to Syrian war zone

SYRIA: McCain Guarantees Russia, China and Iran Will Not Act

Dua Dunia - Perempatan Palbapang [Full Video] 6 Sept 2013

kelimah allah terbentuk dari awan! dilangit

kelimah allah terbentuk dari awan! terekam di berunei pada 7.9.2013,kawasan mentiri

U.S. ready for Syrian counterattack

Iran mass production of missiles to defend Syria from USA & Israel attacks

Iran Military 2013 | We stay behind Syria

US strike on Syria may lead to regional war: Hisham Jaber

Arabs Countries Ready to PAY $Billions For the US Military Strike On Syria

Intercept Between HEZBOLLAH And IRAN Assures Assad Behind Chemical Attack. (Syria)

Showdown With Syria - Putin : Russia Will Give Syria Missile Shield If U.S. Attacks

World War 3 - Syrian Strike could be Significantly Larger than most Anticipated Sept 06, 2013

Moscow says it will help Syria in case of any military attack

What are the strategies the U.S. could use to strike Syria?

U.S. ships, soldiers, embassies at risk if Syria strikes?