Monday, November 25, 2013

Canadian FM says he is skeptical of nuclear agreement with Iran

How do we line up? - How do we line up?

Policeman is shot in the back during training, starts bleeding bad

a training with many flaws, ended up in tragedy, the incident happened in 2008, during an approach simulation, the corporal was told to react, to teach how the cops should act in that situation, but his partner's pistol was loaded, the bullet entered the shoulder blade pierced the spine and lodged in the marrow of Saul. The lieutenant responsible for the training was held accountable for the incident, since he didnt checked the weapons to make sure they were safe, but the case is in the hands of the justice.

corporal saul had 19 years of career.
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November 24 2013 Breaking News Israel states Iran has threatened to wipe Israel off map

Israel Slams Iran Deal: Israeli PM Netanyahu says Israel not bound by nuclear deal with Iran

4 Earthquakes Hit Iran After Deal / Special Broadcast Tonight!!

Israel's Secret Nuclear Deal a Smokescreen to Attack Iran

Russian lawmaker: Israel's position on Iran nuclear deal unrealistic

President Obama Makes a Statement on Iran

Kerry: 'No illusions' on Iran deal

Syria News 24.11.2013, Army Advances in Aleppo, British terrorist recruited for Jihad with extremist