Saturday, August 31, 2013

Brave Words by Vladimir Putin on war rhetoric by the Americans

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Dua Dunia = Rahasia Makam Panjang [Full Video] 30-08-2013

Obama "Israel CAN'T Protect Itself! Turkey CAN'T Protect Itself! Jordan CAN'T Protect Itself!"

Syrian SA6 KUB

Obama: Syrian Chemical Arms Use Threatens Security

Apocalypse: USA - SYRIA, Russia, Iran Israel ....Rumors of WARS!

Russian Warships Deployed To Mediterranean

BREAKING: Syria Will "Hit" Tel Aviv If Damascus Is Attacked

Ww3 - Syria : Israel prepares for war, Russia and Persia warns against striking Damascus Aug 30,2013

Ww3 - Syria : The British back down on striking Damascus as Russian Warships move in Aug 29, 2013


Syrian state-run TV questions US motives

Military ready to act in Syria if Obama says go

Syria gains time while U.S. loses element of surprise

U.S. warship off coast of Syria with 300 Marines