Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ukrainian fascist leader: "Kill Jews and Russians" (Compilation)

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Ukraine army on high alert

The Course of Iran's Weaponry Shipment to Gaza

North Korea calls rocket launches self-defensive

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Iran Mass delivery of ballistic missiles to IRGC missile force 2

Tsahal arrĂȘte un cargo de roquettes en provenance d'Iran

Russia Warns It Will Stiff Banksters and Dump The Dollar

Video: Ukrainian pilots escape with aircraft as troops 'take over' air base

Russia Fires Test Missile / Kerry Meets with Russia In Paris

Israeli Navy Captures Dozens Of Iranian Rockets In Red Sea

Seizure of Iranian weapon sent to Gaza reported by Iranian and Israel ...

Iran’s armed forces have been equipped with new ballistic missiles

Dua Dunia - Rahasia Gua Batu Rompe - 5 Maret 2014

Will multiple attacks in Russia bring change?