Monday, March 31, 2014

ISIS beheads a muslim person who swears to be innocent - ISIS beheads a muslim person who swears to be innocent

They are saying he is responsible for killing some from ISIS. He swears by god, he doesn't know anything. They cut his finger for not being raised as a shahada finger.

A leader of ISIS forbade the vid, so it was deleted by ISIS-upoaders. But some other people saved it.

Syria Civil War - Islamic Front In Heavy Clashes And Firefights With The...

What does North Korea mean by 'new form' of nuclear test?

Hezbollah fighters technically upgrade in Syria

Russian Reporter films the heavy battle between Syrian rebels and Syrian...

More Russian aggressor force T-80 tanks arrive close to the Ukrainian border

Three militiamen escape the attention of an unsharpshooter

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Angker Banget ANTV - Kisah Misteri Merapi 30 Maret 2014

several MRLS Launching Rockets in Qalamon., Must see

New Russian Weapons 2014 - Secret Main Battle Tank T90MS2

Syria - FSA Take On Assad's Forces (Baynetna 2014)

'Against democratic principles': EU slams Ukraine's radical Right Sector

How the syrian army tank see the fierce battle in syria

Hezbollah blowing up House full of Syrian Rebels in Yabrud

Obama concludes tour: US President's visit focused on Crimean crisis

Saturday, March 29, 2014


Russian troop buildup worries western leaders

Masih Dunia Lain (LIVE) - 28 Mar 2014 - Gudang Angker Tempat Pembuangan ...

Syria - Iranian militia fires GRAD rocket 26/03

Syria - SAA GRAD rockets salvo 25/03

Syria Civil War - Fierce MIG 21 Gun Run And Airstrike On Rebels Filmed E...

throwing a bomb Fail and almost killed some FSA terrorists + Slowmotion

Nuclear War Drill! Huge Mass of Russian Troops Arrive on Ukraine Border!

Ukraine prepares border amid uncertainty

Friday, March 28, 2014

Syrian Airforce is using the good toys now - Mig29 in action

SAF MIG-29 & MIG-23? Strafing IF Rebels

First Time Ever! Syrian Mig-29 Attacks Islamist Terrorists in Syria!

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> - First Time Ever! Syrian Mig-29 Attacks Islamist Terrorists in Syria!

First Time Ever! Syrian Mig-29 Attacks Islamist Terrorists in Syria! - First Time Ever! Syrian Mig-29 Attacks Islamist Terrorists in Syria!

First Time Ever! Syrian Mig-29 Attacks Islamist Terrorists in Syria! - First Time Ever! Syrian Mig-29 Attacks Islamist Terrorists in Syria!

Multiple Air Strikes Targeting Terrorists

DEADLY PREDATOR Norwegian ArmyLeopard 2A4 tank as good as M1 Abrams

Russian army holds military drills in Abkhazia as NATO warns of Ukraine ...

Intelligence Points To Russia Invasion of Ukraine Likely

tens of Syrian army Tanks in action clashes with syrian rebels in Jobar

Iran Qiam 1 tactical SRBM

Russia beefs up troops on Ukraine border

US, China and Iran top state execution list

Ukrainian military hero released by Russians

Battle for Ukraine: Non-binding resolution in UN on Ukraine passes

Masih Dunia Lain (LIVE) - 27 Mar 2014 - Misteri Villa Hutan Sancang Pame...

Ada Penampakan kuntilanak di Masih Dunia Lain LIVE 27-28 Maret 2014

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hezbollah destroys an armor vehicle belongs to Al-Nusra Front with KORNET (Perfect hit)

Jaish al-Islam release video for their use of the 9K33 Osa (SA-8 Gecko) surface-to-air missile system


Seems like the Japanese military have a plan ready for the Chinese over Senkaku Islands

A Syrian Sunni Arab tank hunter knocks out a regime T-62, with 9M113 ATGM

MLRS "Hurricane" Air Defence System Takes Part in Large Scale Exercise

Syria News 25/3/2014, Army repels terrorists in northern Lattakia, clash...

ISIL execute 15 Iraqi Soldier by Headshots filmed in Iraq

Ukraine fires acting defence minister amid Crimea crisis

North Korea test-fires two mid-range ballistic missiles

Dua Dunia Terbaru - Makam Mbah Langari FULL [25 Maret 2014]

Monday, March 24, 2014

Jejak Para Normal 22 Maret 2014 Bangunan Kosong Angker Kampung Pulo...

Putin Laughs Off Obama's Sanction by Putting His Salary Into Rossiya Bank!

Battle for Ukraine: Russians seize Ukrainian ship, commander in jail

Syrian army MIG really close on FSA tries to hit all the Syrian Rebels

Why is Iran Building a Mock U.S. Aircraft Carrier?

Russian navy takes control of Ukrainian sub

PROPHECY ALERT: Israel Closes All 102 Embassies "War With Iran"?

Syrian soldiers and NDF killed dozens Saudis in Countryside Hama

Syrian arab army heavy battle on the frontline

Syria - Alleged SAF jet shot down by turkish forces 23/03

A martyrdom seeker attacks an assadist outpost with an explosives laden AMB-s vehicle: Adra

Moment an assadist position is stormed under casualty Lattkia Mountains

Saturday, March 22, 2014

hizbolah hits rebels directly with atgm while trying to run from yabroud

Iran is building copy nuclear aircraft carrier Nimitz Иран копию авианос...

Iran Is Reportedly Building Aircraft Carrier to Blow It Up

Masih Dunia Lain (LIVE) - 21 Mar 2014 - Arwah Tragedi Korban Longsor

Putin mocks US sanctions, vows not to strike back

UFO Sightings Malaysian Flight 370 Three Incredible UFO Reports! March 2...

Story of fake United States Aircraft Career Nimitz in Bandar Abbas told ...

Фланговый удар - 3. Подкрепление | Flank strike - 3. Reinforcement.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Masih Dunia Lain (LIVE) - 20 Mar 2014 - Misteri Pabrik Arwah Penasaran

Syrian airforce jet pounds insurgents - Low pass

Escaping death by a matter of seconds

Misteri Pabrik Tua Bandung - [Masih] Dunia Lain LIVE 20 Maret 2014 FULL...

Gaza Strip residents seek Russian protection following Putin's Crimean i...

Syrian rebels killed many Hezbollah fighters in Yaburd

Pro-Russian Groups Seize 2 Ukrainian Warships In Sevastopol!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Hezbollah And Syrian Army Fighting Al-Nusra In The Battle For Yabroud | ...

Jihadis Spray and Pray against Syrian Army. Terrible mistake, really.

Spray and pray? Well, In this case . . Terrorists salafis have learned that sometimes Rambo style fight is not the proper way to win your enemy. Their spray and pray attack yesterday against a Syrian army outpost in Nawa in Daraa, finished with fear, panic and pain after a rain of bullets and mortars from SAA.
Joined 2 videos from the same incident.
Read more at - Jihadis Spray and Pray against Syrian Army. Terrible mistake, really.

Amazing Complitation: Battle between FSA and Syrian soldiers + surprisin...

Russia Troops "Storm Ukraine Navel Headquarters"

Reporter shows exclusive footage of Syrian army and Hezbollah inside Yabrud

Israel bombs Syria army targets after Golan attack

Ukraine Making Plans to Pull Troops From Crimea

Assad Deterrence: Netanyahu: we strike those who strike us

Russian forces storm Ukrainian base in Crimea

Dua Dunia - Rahasia Musik Karinding 19 Maret 2014

Dua Dunia Terbaru - Rahasia Hutan Larangan Adat FULL [18 Maret 2014]

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

** GRAPHIC** ** Volume warning And brutal Execution** 18+....FSA/Al nusra terrorists executing syrian soldiers

these syrian soldiers were guarding al kindi hospital in Aleppo,....A suicide bomber blew himself up in the hospital....some of the soldiers were taken captives by the free syrian army and alnusra front... the soldiers are being executed as you see in this video.

This video is not being uploaded to glorify the crime, it is being uploaded to document the crimes committed by the terrorist organisations in syria.

Video is posted on al nusra facebook page and FSA youtube channel ...It was posted on 15 march 2014.....
video of the suicide bombing that took place in al kindi hospital in Aleppo in dec 2013
Read more at - ** GRAPHIC** ** Volume warning And brutal Execution** 18+....FSA/Al nusra terrorists executing syrian soldiers

Passing the river in a plastic bag - Only in Vietnam

Teachers and students in a village in northwestern Vietnam risk their lives in the flood season as they have to cross a fast-flowing stream by wrapping themselves in a plastic bag to be pulled from one bank to the other on their way to school.
In the clip, female teachers and students were seen waiting for their turn to traverse Nam Po stream in a bag.
Read more at - Passing the river in a plastic bag - Only in Vietnam

Battle for Ukraine: Russia's Putin says Crimea is part of Russia

[Syria] Фланговый удар. Часть 2. Конвой | Flank strike. 2. Convoy.

BREAKING: SYRIA attacks ISRAEL and killed and wounded 5 Israeli soldiers...

"Senator McCain's Idea That You're Going To Be Able To Arm Up The Ukrain...

2 killed in shooting near Crimea military research center, 'sniper detai...

WAR IN UKRAINE: U.S. Coup Authorizes Military Force

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Obama orders more sanctions on Russia

Putin propaganda chief threatens US with nuclear strike over Ukraine crisis

Hezbollah after win the battle of Yabrud in Syria

Head Of Russia Today Makes Scary Threat On-Air

First Dozen U.S. F-16 Warplanes Arrive In Poland!

U.S. navy seizes North Korea-flagged tanker carrying oil from Libya rebe...

Obama imposes sanctions on Russia: global community calls on Putin to en...

Russian President Putin declares Crimea's independence

Celente: Sanctions against Russia over Crimea are toothless

Military training in Kiev after Crimea vote

Chinese nuke envoy makes surprise visit to Pyongyang to discuss six-part...

Israel Under Attack: Al-Qaeda linked Syrian rebel group claims attack on...

Monday, March 17, 2014

Russian troops seize Kherson gas plant

Ukraine deploys tanks near Crimean border

Crimeans Vote To Join Russia / North Korea Fires 25 Rockets

Hezbollah capturing an Al Nusra terrorist in Yabrud

North Korea buys oil from Libyan rebels

Syria - SAF helicopter TNT barrel bomb strike 16/03

Syrian Army Celebrations in Yabrud - Complete Victory

Yabroud, Last Terrorist Bastion Neighboring Lebanon, Has Fallen to the S...

Extraordinary fast rats running from Yabroud before storm.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

*CONCLUSIVE* Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was hijacked

Drone video shows Russians soldiers in Crimea Armyansk published by Ukra...

Russia Technologically Hijacks U.S. Drone Flying Over Crimea

Did Iran Take Missing Malaysian Plane? Russia Takes USA Drone...

US destroyer preps for more Black Sea drills

Russia vetoes UN resolution on Crimea referendum

BREAKING: Russia Invades Kherson Gas Fields / Letter From Ukraine

Russia Deploys Troops and Seize Gas Plant In Eastern Ukraine!

Russian troops make forray into Ukraine

Timeline: Takeoff to satellite contacts

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Russian military exercises in Ukraine and Nato in Norway

Syrian Army Entering Yabroud

Russian military aircraft taking part in exercises over Mediterranean Sea

Assad BMP explodes and kills the complete crew

WORLD WAR 3 IRAN is ready to resolve nuclear WEAPONS problem

Israel Being Threaten By Iran Back Terrorist In Gaza

Syrian Soldiers blowing up positions of Jabhat al Nusra in Jobar

Malaysia Flight 370 Likely Foul Play: Falkenrath

Russia Warns Its Ready to Invade Eastern Ukraine! Kremlin Hit with Huge ...

Hezbollah use volcano Missiles to kill Syrian Rebels in Yabrud caught on...

New B/S: Malaysian Flight 370 Mystery: Bay of Bengal or off E Coast of B...

Crimea referendum: Ukrainians and Tatars protest 'illegal' Russian annex...

Battle for Crimea: US won't recognise results of Crimea referendum

IDF troops targeted: Explosive detonated against troops on border with L...

US Navy missile defence system

"This Is Some Kind Of Sabotage Or Terrorism! NOT AN ACCIDENT!"

Masih Dunia Lain LIVE - Ganasnya Penunggu Bangunan Angker - 14 Maret 201...

Friday, March 14, 2014

ISIL blow up iraqi army convoy caught on camera + backward roll

"I've Never Seen Anything Like It In My Career!" John Nance On Missing M...

UKRAINE: 80,000 Russian Troops at Border Ready for War

Get Ready! Russian Red Army Masses 80,000 Troops and Swarm Ukraine Border!

The mechanics of Malaysia's missing flight

'Significant likelihood' plane at bottom of Ind...

U.S. says North Korea's ballistic missile threat matured from theory to ...

U.S. says North Korea's ballistic missile threat matured from theory to ...

Masih Dunia Lain (LIVE) - 13 Mar 2014 - Rumah Angker Tragedi Beradarah p...

ICBM Topol-M

Russia deploys 8,500 troops for artillery and airborne drills in south

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> - Russia deploys 8,500 troops for artillery and airborne drills in south

Crimea creates own military by swearing in self-defense units

Blyad .. ! Putin laughs ..Russia is the only country in the world that says "Fuck OFF America!"

Syria - Sniper team films a missle that's launched directly at them

Bullet in the leg - followed by tank shell to the face

Thursday, March 13, 2014

BREAKING: "Iran Accuses USA Of "Kidnapping Malaysia Plane 370


PROPHECY ALERT: Israel Attacked Hit With 60 Rockets


BREAKING: Palestinian Rebels fire many Missiles on Israeli Soldiers caug...


BREAKING: Palestinian Rebels get almost hit while they prepare mortar bo...


Iron Dome? Over 60 Rockets Launched from Gaza Rain Down On Southern Israel!


Ukraine's PM: 'Mr. Putin, Tear Down This Wall'


Flight 370! China Releases New Debris Images, Slams Malaysia Over Detail...


Flight 370 Smokescreen for Ukraine War


Flight 370 Smokescreen for Ukraine War


Breaking News | Malaysia Airlines Mystery: New Chinese Satellite Images ...


Ousted Libyan PM Zeidan flees country despite travel ban


US to stand by Ukraine on Crimea annexation